Event Marketing

Willing to bring company that I believe to the next level.

World is changing and the world needs the participation of each and every one of us. As far I’m concerned I want to be involved in this adventure!
Work and passion is partly the key of success. Hard working, creative thinking, engage in innovative solutions, and teamwork are values I advocate and set companies apart from the crowd.

Drive growth through amazing promotion and event, enhanced people experiences, deliver the best services, this is something I can bring to your team.

Event manager/coordinator, Booker of staff, community management & Visual merchandising.

  • MONTREAL: Unibroue food truck, Ford (team building), Bell (team building), Lincoln motors, Start-up Fest, Auto show, Club Med, Ketel One vodka, Taxi Diamond, C2 Montreal
  • FRANCE: Fashion Week Paris, Beats by Dre, Apple Watch, Porshe festival, Nuxe, Sony
  • GENEVA: International Motor Show, Gliss’en Ville 2015